Clichés Are For the Weak


People tend to stay away from anything that seems unclean. They avoid it in the worst manner, not giving it any chance to show its worth. Mud for example, is seen as nothing but dirt and water. People step over puddles of mud. They tell their children not to get anywhere near it, as if it were cancerous, but in reality, mud is the exact opposite. In recent studies, researchers have shown that mud is good for a child’s immune system. Mud also contains a microscopic bacteria called  Mycobacterium vaccae, that increases levels of serotonin in our brains- relieving stress.Mud_Volcano_in_Gobustan_01

Mud is not only beneficial to health- It is used essentially used as a beneficial product around the world. The Haitians are so poor, they resort in making, selling, and eating a sort of mud-cookie. The mud-cookie is the only food they have, and has become popular for over some years now. Another example of mud used favorably is in spas and spa treatments. At home mud-masks are easily accessible, and some spas offer mud baths. The mud is used to relieve muscle pain, detoxify, relieve stress, soften skin, and more. Animals like elephants, hippopotamuses,rhinos, and even pigs plunge themselves into mud to cool off. In these situations, the mud protects the animal’s skin from sunburn, insects, parasites, and- in some cases- overheating.images

Clearly, mud is not given enough credit for. People don’t acknowledge its uses because it is “dirty.” The fact is, mud is a cheap and natural remedy.

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